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[Kaspersky Industrial CTF 2018] Glardomos Write-up (Reverse587)

Find the flag inside the binary Glardomos.exe Let’s check the file information.

It is a 32-bit .NET executable file. Let’s try to decompile it.

The binary is heavily obfuscated with ConfuserEx v1.0.0. We need to unpack and deobfuscate this… Continue Reading →

[BSides Delhi CTF 2018] St4t1c Write-up (Reverse200)

Static analysis can be fun. Note: len(team_name) = 4 rev Let’s look at the file information.

It is a 64-bit ELF executable file which is dynamically linked and stripped. Let’s run it.

Before moving to static analysis, let’s… Continue Reading →

[BSides Delhi CTF 2018] Avap Write-up (Reverse75)

Here’s an easy one for you all. Update: 25th October, 13:15 UTC- binary for the challenge is updated. Please download the binary again. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. avap Let’s start with checking the file information.

It is a… Continue Reading →

[ CTF 2018] Baby Reverse Write-up (Reverse108)

Hey there! Disclaimer: This chall is intended for new gamers only ;-)! You veterans got plenty of other Challenges which will keep you busy, so please pass this Challenge to someone, who never or rarely reversed before! We encourage everyone… Continue Reading →

[noxCTF 2018] Guess The String Write-up (Reverse438)

Would you like to test your luck? Let’s see if you can guess the correct string. nc 22234 GuessTheString Let’s check the file format first.

It is a 64-bit ELF shared object which is dynamically linked and not… Continue Reading →

[noxCTF 2018] Att3nti0n Write-up (Reverse785)

For this challenge you need your full attention, it will be very helpful 😉 Note: the flag format for this challenge is slightly different. att3nti0n.exe We are given an .exe file. Let’s see if it is really a PE file…. Continue Reading →

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