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[HITCON CTF 2019 Quals] heXDump Write-up (Misc202)

ūüėÜ nc 21700 heXDump-78a4bcbc095a3231c5caf30ce4c6ddf4c77d4c33.rb We are given a ruby script:

Write operation allows us to write to the temporary file created and read operation prints out the content of the file as md5/sha1 hashed or aes256 encrypted using… Continue Reading →

[HITCON CTF 2018] Super Hexagon Write-up (Pwn236)

UPDATE: bios.bin (2018-10-20 08:01:00 UTC) Escape each level for your six flags. EL0 – Hard EL1 – Harder EL2 – Hardest S-EL0 – Hardester S-EL1 – Hardestest S-EL3 – Hardestestest nc 6666 Something good for you super_hexagon-2044407c141e2a3a49d9fb57b62c73ee.tar.xz Let’s check… Continue Reading →

[HITCON CTF 2017 Quals] Start Write-up (Pwn132)

Have you tried pwntools-ruby? nc 31337 We are given two files. A server code written in ruby and an ELF binary which is statically linked.

Let’s look at the ruby script first.

It says¬†‘The binary “start”… Continue Reading →

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