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[ASIS CTF Finals 2018] Silver Bullet Write-up (Pwn121)

You’ve got one silver bullet, pull the triggle carefully! nc 7331 Let’s check the file information first.

The file is an ELF 32-bit LSB executable. Let’s look at its protections.

Its stack is not executable. Let’s decompile… Continue Reading →

[TUCTF 2018] Lisa Write-up (Pwn489)

Ayo, Johhny’s got your take from the job. Go meet up with em’ to claim your share. Oh, and stop asking to see the Mona Lisa alright. It’s embarrassing nc 12345 lisa Let’s check the file information first.

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[Kaspersky Industrial CTF 2018] Glardomos Write-up (Reverse587)

Find the flag inside the binary Glardomos.exe Let’s check the file information.

It is a 32-bit .NET executable file. Let’s try to decompile it.

The binary is heavily obfuscated with ConfuserEx v1.0.0.¬†We need to unpack and deobfuscate this… Continue Reading →

[Kaspersky Industrial CTF 2018] Doubles Write-up (Pwn635)

nc 10001 doubles Let’s start with looking at file information and protections.

The file is an 64-bit executable that is dynamically linked and its stack is not executable. Let’s disassemble its main function.

It simply calls a… Continue Reading →

[Kaspersky Industrial CTF 2018] Expression Write-up (Web50) The website allows us to send two numbers/tokens and an operation among +, -, *, /. Let’s send 1 + 2 to test it.

It calculated the result and gave us a token which is obviously base64 encoded…. Continue Reading →

[P.W.N. CTF 2018] Important Service Write-up (Pwn259)

Very Important Service. Flag in /opt. nc 13375 a30577b33492f15d382ef665ee6abda2.tar.xz a30577b33492f15d382ef665ee6abda2.tar.xz MIRROR Let’s look at the file information first.

It is a 64-bit ELF pie executable which is dynamically linked and not stripped. Let’s check its protections.

The… Continue Reading →

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