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[BSides Delhi CTF 2018] Easypeasy Write-up (Pwn50)

The location of flag is : /home/easypeasy/flag nc easypeasy_c771ecffbec1cf4724f72abbff17a4384dcfc432.tar Let’s check the binary first.

It is an 64-bit ELF executable file which is dynamically linked and not stripped. Let’s take a look at its protections.

The stack… Continue Reading →

[HITCON CTF 2018] Super Hexagon Write-up (Pwn236)

UPDATE: bios.bin (2018-10-20 08:01:00 UTC) Escape each level for your six flags. EL0 – Hard EL1 – Harder EL2 – Hardest S-EL0 – Hardester S-EL1 – Hardestest S-EL3 – Hardestestest nc 6666 Something good for you super_hexagon-2044407c141e2a3a49d9fb57b62c73ee.tar.xz Let’s check… Continue Reading →

[ CTF 2018] Baby Exploit Write-up (Pwn186)

This Challenge is the continuation of babyreversing. If you just reversed the file, go ahead and exploit it now! The zip file will contain all information to this challenge. The password is the flag of babyreversing nc 1807 Downoad… Continue Reading →

[ CTF 2018] Baby Reverse Write-up (Reverse108)

Hey there! Disclaimer: This chall is intended for new gamers only ;-)! You veterans got plenty of other Challenges which will keep you busy, so please pass this Challenge to someone, who never or rarely reversed before! We encourage everyone… Continue Reading →

[ CTF 2018] Baby PHP Write-up (Web153)

PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development. Fast, flexible and pragmatic, PHP powers everything from your blog to the most popular websites in the world. Can you untangle this mess?! When we visit… Continue Reading →

[DefCamp CTF Quals 2018] Even More Lucky Write-up (Pwn50)

We have updated the lucky game just for you! Now the executable is lighter and more efficient. Target: 65032 Bin: Let’s check the file information first.

It is an ELF 64-bit LSB shared object which is dynamically… Continue Reading →

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