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September 2018

[noxCTF 2018] Att3nti0n Write-up (Reverse785)

For this challenge you need your full attention, it will be very helpful 😉 Note: the flag format for this challenge is slightly different. att3nti0n.exe We are given an .exe file. Let’s see if it is really a PE file…. Continue Reading →

[noxCTF 2018] MyFileUploader Write-up (Web200)

This is my new file uploader server. I bet you can’t hack it! The website allows us to upload files. Let’s create a php shell file, but save it as dummy.txt.

Then, try to upload it.

It… Continue Reading →

[noxCTF 2018] Slippery Situation Write-up (Misc750)

Something slippery is happening here, this virus scan website smells fishy, thats why its slippy, I need to get to the control panel and see whats going on. Here we have a website that claims to scan zip files… Continue Reading →

[noxCTF 2018] Python For Fun 2 Write-up (Misc634)

A hacker found a sec hole in our online python class 🙁 He read our secret file which contains the secret way of milking a snake! After hunting him down, we fixed the hole so no one will ever milk… Continue Reading →

[noxCTF 2018] Python For Fun Write-up (Misc292)

Welcome to noxale’s online python class!!! You can try it for free for a limited time and learn basic programming in python 3. The website has three different pages for teaching python 3. The pages are ‘fix the code’,… Continue Reading →

[noxCTF 2018] HiddenDOM Write-up (Web670)

I decided to create a tool that searches for hidden elements inside a web pages. Few days ago someone told me that my website is not so /secure/… Can you check it yourself ? The website says that it… Continue Reading →

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