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October 2017

[BackdoorCTF 2017] BABY-0x41414141 Write-up (Pwn150)

h3rcul35 was giving a lecture on writing secure codes. A n00b refused to accept the statement by h3rcul35, “NEVER EVER TRUST THE USER”. The n00b gave him a binary and said its secure. h3rcul35 solved it within a few minutes…. Continue Reading →

[BackdoorCTF 2017] THE-WALL Write-up (Web100)

Night king needs the secret flag to destroy the wall. Help night king get flag from LordCommander(admin) so that army of dead can kill the living Here The website has a form which makes a POST request with username and… Continue Reading →

[CSAW CTF Quals 2017] SCV Write-up (Pwn100)

SCV is too hungry to mine the minerals. Can you give him some food? nc 3764 scv First, I analyzed the given binary.

It is a 64-bit executable file with NX enabled and stack canary. Let’s run… Continue Reading →

[CSAW CTF Quals 2017] TablEZ Write-up (Reverse100)

Bobby was talking about tables a bunch, so I made some table stuff. I think this is what he was talking about… tablez I started with investigating the given binary.

The binary is a 64-bit ELF file. Let’s analyze… Continue Reading →

[CSAW CTF Quals 2017] Orange v1 Write-up (Web100)

I wrote a little proxy program in NodeJS for my poems folder. Everyone wants to read flag.txt but I like it too much to share. Let’s start with visiting the website.

The website printed the content of orange.txt… Continue Reading →

[CSAW CTF Quals 2017] Pilot Write-up (Pwn75)

Can I take your order? nc 8464 16:05 Eastern: Updated binary pilot Let’s start with gathering info about the given file.

The file is a 64-bit ELF file with executable stack. Let’s run it to see what the… Continue Reading →

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