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October 2017

[Kaspersky Industrial CTF Quals 2017] Bad Computations Write-up (Crypto800)

The creators of a certain system have taken care of the security of storing users data and encrypted users passwords. To register a new user the administrator should enter encrypted password into the database. You were able to get a… Continue Reading →

[Kaspersky Industrial CTF Quals 2017] Backdoor Pi Write-up (Reverse300)

We are doing an project for a school competition in which we need to use a Raspberry Pi to make an IOT prototype. We received SD cards from the professor, and because we lost ours we asked another group to… Continue Reading →

[Kaspersky Industrial CTF Quals 2017] Security Home Cameras Write-up (Crypto300)

The smart home system has the function of remote monitoring of what is happening in the home and every few minutes sends pictures of the surveillance cameras to the owner of the house. You successfully intercepted the network traffic of… Continue Reading →

[ CTF 2017] Mistune Write-up (Web150)

Markdown parsers are fun. Now click here and steal the cookie! The website has two pages. One for testing the markdown parser and second to send a message to the admin. The website also tells us that the admin will… Continue Reading →

[BackdoorCTF 2017] JUST-DO-IT Write-up (Pwn250)

h3rcul35 was in a hurry to finish making challenges so he made a simple one. He says its a baby challenge, can you pwn it? nc 9036 32_chal So, we are given a binary and it claims to… Continue Reading →

[BackdoorCTF 2017] NO-CALM Write-up (Reverse350)

h3rcul35 and starlord were having a heated conversation and to c00l down the furious starlord, h3rcul35 gave him a binary and said “The binary takes each ‘character’ byte of the flag as argument. Given this info, grab the flag. I… Continue Reading →

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